Leicester’s second signing of the season to be completed next week

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The Foxes will make their second signing of the season before the end of next week

Jonny Evans will be Puels second signing of the season

Claude Puel and his team have got straight to business this transfer window after signing Ricardo Pereria on Saturday.

They are wasting no time in securing more players and aim to get the signing of Jonny Evans completed by Wednesday next week.

Evans would already be a City player if it wasn’t for his agent Colin Murdock demanding a £4m fee to secure him a move to the Foxes.

Jonny Evans played over 100 times for Manchester United

The experienced West Brom defender has a £3m relegation clause in his contract with Leicester looking to sign him on the third attempt of trying.

Leicester see the agent fee as excessive and are puzzled by the fact the  fee is more than the transfer.

Jonny Evans relegated with West Brom

City spent £9.9m on agent fees throughout 2017/18, which was spread across six transactions totalling £80m, so they are against paying £4m in one move.

Agent Murdock will come to an agreement in the coming hours to secure Evans a move across the Midlands.

Jonny Evans will sign on a three-year contract said to be worth £75k per week.

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