Leicester City fan BANNED for giving owners son a hug

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Foxes fan is banned from the King Power stadium following a hug last weekend

Leicester City fan Tom Merry jumped the barrier at the King Power stadium last weekend to give Top a hug.

The son of Vichai and the City players lapped the pitch after the game against Burnley applauding the Foxes faithful.

Not being able to contain his emotion, the City fan ran onto the side of the pitch to comfort Top with a hug.

A security personnel ran to Mr Merry but stayed clear after Top accepted the hug off the fan.

Moments later the Foxes fan was taken to a holding cell in the stadium and was later released by the club.

Following the incident Tom received a letter from Leicester City banning him from the King Power Stadium.

Tom received a letter enforcing a ban

In a recent interview Tom has said that he could not contain his emotions and just wanted to give Top a cuddle.

I couldn’t help myself, I just wanted to give Top a cuddle.”

He added: “I was just overcome with emotion.

“Vichai has done so much for this club and when I saw Top crying as he walked round the ground, I just thought it was right to give him a cuddle.

Leicester’s head of security Ian Coulton who enforced the ban could have been lenient given the circumstances.

The incident followed an emotional day were thousands walked from the City to the stadium for Vichai

Fans entering the pitch can face a minimum three-year ban across all football stadiums across the UK.

The Foxes fan will only be able to attend a City game following a meeting with Leicester and signing an acceptable behaviour agreement.

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